Sunday, June 12, 2016

Marijuana Patients, 3 Ways to Let your Voice be Heard

          As a medical marijuana patient, you understand the concerns over if the profitable nature of the industry could eclipse the medical beginnings and research, forcing patients to sacrifice quality and fair practices for business profit, aka Walmart Weed. As a cannabis advocate for six years at The Rose Collective, with an interest in integrative health therapy that goes beyond the bud, I have found two articles highlighting the interesting future for this controversial plant.
            In a recent article, CNN- “Sanjay Gupta: Time for a Medical Marijuana Revolution”
 Dr. Sanjay Gupta calls for a marijuana revolution, being legalization as the end goal. He references his groundbreaking field study with young Charlotte Figi, who suffered constant severe epileptic seizures from Dravet Syndrome that left her cannatonic. The family decided to try a special kind of marijuana, low in THC high in CBD. Now known as Charlotte’s Webb, this strain reduced her seizures down to just two or three a month. Her miraculous recovery is leading advocate groups and politicians alike to demand more research, rescheduling, and reform for cannabis.
In-store Infographic from Rose Collective 

picture: Twitter @CollectiveRose

The next article Canna Insider- “Interview with Steve DeAngelo Cannabis Entrepreneur” reveals a provocative interview with famed Harborside activist Steve DeAngelo as he covers his concerns over the industry's growing obsession with  profit and money making. He implores the listener to remember the real value of the plant, which is far greater than any monetary value, that being lessons in wisdom of the herbal healing attributes of this plant. He highlights the un-sung holistic benefits of cannabis, like it’s ability to enhance the flavor of food, spark creativity, open oneself to spiritual experiences, and heighten sexuality to maximize intimacy.
Drawing on these two articles, I have several suggestions for patients looking to get involved in activism or wanting to extend their knowledge of cannabis beyond the “high”:

·    Ask for CBD – When visiting your local collective ask for information and descriptions of CBD products. Explore your own treatment options.
·    Vote for Legalization – Read the laws and become versed in the success and failures of current cannabis legislation so that you may make educated decisions about your access to medicine.
·    Speak out – Share your unique cannabis stories with family, friends, and local representatives, or online anonymously through blogs and virtual communities.

Starting today, we hope you continue to educate yourself about the medicinal benefits of integrating marijuana into your healthy lifestyle, while maintain an active voice in the laws that shape your future as a cannabis patient.
Kelsey Barney is a student at Northwestern University’s Social Marketing Specialization Certification at After almost 7 years of extensive medical marijuana experience and leadership positions at three Los Angeles collectives, I’m ecstatic to continue my journey as a cannabis advocate and chief marketing officer for Rose Collective in Venice, California. I came into the field after discovering marijuana as my only option for pain management following an injury. Feel free to reach out and contact me for more about information about our outreach programs @TheKelseyB or @CollectiveRose Email: